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"Yoga is a really good tool and tool for our players"

Simon Enevoldsen, Physiotherapist for AaB



In a time characterized by performance and pressure, a yoga break is exactly what can boost well-being and reduce sickleave and abscense.

With YOGA HUSET, you are sure to get a dedicated and thoroughly trained teacher, who can organize clontent and equipment to suit your specific needs.


We offer single events or courses bespoke to match your company's needs.


Example of amodel: 


  • 5 x 30 min. "Fyraftens flow" - dynamic cleansing and strengthening movements utilizing breath.

  • 5 x 15 min. "Office yoga" organized during the lunch break and prepared with a particular focus on neck/shoulder/back problems.

  • 5 x 12 min. "Morning meditation" - tailored to relieve stress, burnout and lack of focus.


Total dealworth DKK 12,000. 


It is possible to combine the in-house package with both online yoga and punch cards to frequent

YOGA HUSET, at an advantageous discount price.

"Yoga is a helpfull

tool for our players, and

supplement to our other training. Football players are exposed to

both mental and physical stress

and yoga gives the players a free space

to destress and come

down into gear."

Simon Enevoldsen, Physiotherapist for AaB

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