Would you like a different event or party that strengthens both physical and mental health?


With an YOGA HUSET event you get an opportunity to challenge and build your body, mind, and soul, in the most beautiful and supportive environment. Our exquisite facilities are tailored specifically with mindfulness, calm and wellness in mind; and if you jump into our Arial Yoga hammocks or choose a Hot Yoga class, you may get a good laugh together as well.


Price: 1.575 kr. for 60 minutes including your own designated teacher, equipment, and use of YOGA HUSETs facilities before and after class. You get access to changing rooms, showers, and lockers.


We can also come to you for 2.325kr ().

Whichever solution you chose, you are in safe hands. Introductory dialog with your teacher will ensure that you get exactly the event that meets your needs best.


NEW in YOGA HUSET: Birthday party for children for only 1200kr. with a possibility to arrange orders from KaffeFair Strandvejen.

*Visse specialtyper såsom HOT yoga kan være dyrere grundet svingende elpriser.


During this time of pressure and performance, a yoga break with us can be exactly what brings well-being up and sick leave down. With YOGA HUSET you can be sure to meet with a dedicated and qualified teacher, who will be able to design a program and arrange equipment for your specific needs.


We offer packages with many different combinations, and you can get one tailored to match your company’s needs.


Package deal examples:


  • 5 x 30 min. “Closing time Flow”- dynamic, cleansing and strengthening movement with breath.

  • 5 x 15 min. “Office Yoga” great for lunch break and designed with focus on neck/shoulder/back issues.

  • 5 x 12 min. “Morning Meditation” tailored to help with stress, burnout, and lack of concentration.


Package deal value 12.000 kr.- your price 10.000 kr.


There is an option of combining in-house package with both online yoga and punch cards for YOGA HUSET at Strandvejen 19 for a discount price.




- We translated and recorded 8 yoga songs.

They are great for institutions, teaching children’s yoga, or as a gift to someone who would like to practice yoga with their children.


You can get the record as a CD or in digital form.



Kr. 150 pr. CD