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(The page is continuously updated with the upcoming education teachers)

Maj Ingemann-Molden

Organiser, founder and Lead Trainer ERYT

I taught my first yoga class in 2007, thus starting a deep and magical love affair with the wonderful multi-faceted gift yoga is. At first, I was most in love with the physical changes and benefits yoga brought. Since then, a husband and children have been added, and also as a mother, wife and human being on this earth, I find that yoga can be a fantastic tool for transformation and joy. I was originally educated myself in Australia and England, where I have also lived and taught for many years, and have been a full-time yogi in Denmark since 2013, first in Copenhagen, and since 2016 in Aalborg. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every day as a yoga teacher in an always exciting job, where I am allowed to make a difference and for other people.

For me, a yoga teacher is a guide who helps the student find his true potential – thus it is not important whether the teacher themselves knows all the positions; the essential thing is whether you can learn from them. I think it is important that yoga is not simply reduced to the physical positions, but that you, as both a teacher and a private person, try to incorporate the seven other principles that together make up what yoga is.

Teaches i.a. in: 

  • Sequencing 

  • Yoga philosophy 

  • Pranayama 

  • Meditation 

  • Power and Hot Yoga 

  • ''Yoga off the mat'' - how to translate your practice on the mat into your life

  • Mediation/communication 


Meet Maj at one of her many weekly yoga classes, read more on her Yoga Alliance profile: or do yoga with her on YogaStream.


Vibeke Falden 

Teacher in voice training 


Vibeke Falden is a qualified rhythmic singer and music educator from the Jutland Conservatory of Music in Aalborg. She has fifteen years' experience as a teacher, and is currently employed in a part-time position as a music teacher at Aalborg Cultural School.


In her teaching, Vibeke places great emphasis on the basic technique, because control of breathing and support are paramount to having a healthy and balanced voice. She focuses on her students' physical as well as mental understanding of how the voice works, but also eyes and ears to ensure that each individual voice is unique. Creating a safe and trusting teaching situation is absolutely essential for Vibeke, because she has learned that working with the voice is powerful, but also sensitive.  


Vibeke Falden is a versatile performing artist. She is a music producer, composer and electronic musician, and in her work uses her voice to create both melodic material and sound surfaces. 


Vibeke Falden runs the record company wUNDERWELT Music, and currently works together with yogi Maj Ingemann-Molden on completing the album project "This Is Yoga Electronics"; electronic music for yoga use. 

Read more at:



Anja Nielsen

Asana Lab teacher 2017, 2018, 2019, 2022 , 2023 and 2024

"Back in 2012, I was really struck by yoga. I very concretely experienced having a new and more comfortable body, at the same time that it came pouring in with new angles to look at situations that I had previously found challenging. I was sold and curious! After that, the journey began in earnest, as a yogi and later a yoga teacher.”

In addition to being a yoga teacher, Anja is also a trained pedagogue, process consultant and has taken a master's degree in Applied Philosophy, with sustainability as a specialty. In addition, she has solid experience in communicating yoga to many different groups of people. Anja is particularly interested in that experience
which the instruction of a position can create in the yoga practitioner, and therefore emphasizes that the aspirants experience the positions and instructions on their own body, with an eye for the diversity that also exists among people in the yoga groups around.

At the Asana Workshop, as an aspirant, you will learn to instruct sun salutations, as well as a wide selection of yoga's many other positions. You will work with alignment, clear instruction, transitions between positions and modification of positions, just as along the way you will work with building your own flows.


Stian Ingemann-Molden

Lecturer in functional anatomy


Stian is a trained physiotherapist, and combines his anatomical background knowledge with long-term meditative and asana practice. In addition, he loves to keep up to date with the latest research and research in both fields. Since 2016, he has been teaching yoga - i.a. in YOGA HUSET Aalborg. On the Power Vinyasa (Flow) training 2019, he primarily teaches general ailments that our students typically come to a yoga teacher with. The focus will be on in which cases it is safe for students to practise, and when they should seek healthcare expertise. 

In addition, we will teach what challenges these students have on the mat, and how we can organize our teaching so that the students who perhaps need us the most can be catered for.


At the same time, we also look at how positions, flows and classes can be adapted to possible anatomical and diagnostic challenges – e.g. using props, assisting, cues, etc.

The goal of the teaching is that you will become more comfortable with advising students with medical conditions in your teams, and for this reason, among other things, Stian will help us get facts on the field and dispel industry myths.


Tidligere gæstelærer

Gitte Lindgaard 

Lecturer in Restorative & Therapeutic yoga

Topics that will be touched upon/reviewed are:

  • Basic modifications 

  • Disease doctrine 

  • The psychological aspect of illness, injury and stress

  • When do you say from and to

  • What is your role as a teacher 

  • How do you meet this type of student/patient  

Gitte Lindgaard is a trained yoga therapist and for more than five years has made a living teaching yoga, primarily associated with physiocentres, where she has worked with thousands of patients referred by doctors through restorative and therapeutic yoga. 

In yoga, fixed positions and sequences are often taught. In yoga therapy, the students are taught in smaller groups with the prerequisites they have.
This means that it is not taught according to positions, but bodies and availability. Students should not force their body into a position. Here, the position is adapted to the body so that they get the most out of their yoga practice. 

The restorative practice works with the nervous system. In short, it is a practice with a strong focus on well-being and stress relief. An important goal is to bring the body into a state where it has the best conditions for recharging and rebuilding itself.

Read more at:


Jennilee Toner

Teacher in Yoga Anatomy 2017, 2018 and 2019

Jennilee Toner is one of the few experts in yoga anatomy, so it was natural that the choice fell on her when we were looking for the right anatomy teacher for the Power training. For many years, JT has offered her unique approach to the subject, knowledge and experience to the whole world, but when she taught on the program in Aalborg in 2017, it was the first time she visited Denmark. In addition to traveling the world with workshops, retreats and her own Teacher Training, Jennilee is also a regular teacher at Jennilee is a used author and debater, and the training review of yoga anatomy
is based on her book The Perfect Chaturanga.

Toner is based in New York, has practiced both Hatha and Vinyasa/Power since 1996, and taught since 2003 - the last few years with a special focus on the dynamics between YIN/YANG, which is also a brand within Power Yoga.

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