Meet our faculty of facilitators  in Aalborg 2020

Maj Ingemann-Molden

Lead Facilitator, YOGAUDDANNELSEN i Aalborg​

I taught my first yoga class back in 2007, and by this I began a deep and magical love relationship with yoga – and I haven’t looked back since. Every day I am discovering new facets of yoga and how I apply it to my daily doings and life situations. To begin with, my infatuation was mainly concerned with the physical moulding aspect of yoga, I just really liked the sculpturing of the body that yoga provides (and I still do!) Today I am also passionately occupied with how yoga can assist me in being the most nurturing mother I can be, the most supportive partner, the most empowering teacher and how I may be of service as a human being on this earth.​

My background is in the arts, as an actor and I bring the aspect of storytelling to my classes. I originally trained in London and Melbourne (as an actor as well as a yoga teacher), and I’ve lived and taught in both countries for a decade put together. It is this vibrant and enthusiastic approach to yoga I have set out to pass on here at our teacher training in Aalborg, Denmark.

To me the best thing about being a yoga teacher is that I get to help my fellow beings at the same time as I am able to step into my own power and find “my true inner North” (as Baron Baptiste, one of the Power yoga greats puts it). A yoga teacher is a guide that assists the students in discovering their own potential – and as such it’s not important whether you as a teacher are able to perform all asanas. Instead the real question is: Are you able to teach them to others? I find it essential to constantly emphasize that yoga encompasses so much more than just the physical aspects, and that we as teachers strive to not just talk the talk, but also walk the walk and integrate the 7 other principles (limbs) into our lives and our teaching.

At the teacher training Maj teaches (among other things):

  • Sequencing and structuring of class

  • Yoga philosophy

  • Pranayama 

  • Meditation

  • Power and Hot Yoga 

  • Yoga off the mat

  • Communication and storytelling

Get to know Maj on  YogaStream, via her Yoga Alliance profile or come try out one of her many weekly classes!

Carina Pedersen

Assistent ved YOGAUDDANNELSEN i Aalborg 


Som assistent er mine arbejdsopgaver følgende:


  • At hjælpe med aspiranternes spørgsmål/undren over pensum og/eller lektier

  • At hjælpe/lytte til aspiranternes spørgsmål/undren/snak når noget virker uoverskueligt, sjovt, svært, udfordrende etc.

  • Koordinering af bestilling af mad hos KaffeFair

  • Praktisk koordinator for Maj + de andre gæstelærere på uddannelsen

  • Koordinator af aspiranternes daglige gøremål

  • Sikre at vi starter og slutter hver dag på en rolig og hensynstagende måde


Linzi Page

Asana Lab. teacher Teacher Training 2020

Certified with Yoga Alliance - RYT Ashtanga Vinyasa and HOT yoga

Assistant Teacher, 200h Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher Training in Thailand 2020.


My relationship with yoga started about 6 years ago and became a huge part of my every day life in 2018. My yoga practice has played a transformative role, providing me with a much needed source of mental clarity, emotional stability and physical strenght.


I truly believe that "yoga is magic", and it is a dream come true to share this as a full time Yoga Teacher. I am passionate about correct alignment and breath as these are key to a safe practice.

During Asana Lab., we will cover the following topics: 

  • Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar) 

  • Chaturanga Dandasana

  • Standing Asana

  • Seated Asana

  • Supine Asana

  • Inversions

  • Alignment

  • Breath

  • Clear instructions in/out of asana

  • Transitions in/out of asana

  • Modifications

During Asana Lab., you can expect to spend a lot of time on the mat, as we break down the asana, alignment and breath.


We will openly discuss how each asana impacts us internally and externally, and we will investigate the risks, if the asana is not executed safely - and the modification that we can offer to allow for all students to find a safe variation that works for them.


We will also play with transitions and short sequences, linking one asana to another; and of course: the art of guiding students safely and efficiently in/out of asana, with the correct breath and alignment queues.

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Laima Uzomeckaite

Anatomy Teacher in YHAA YTT 2020

Laima is a yoga therapist and yoga teacher, drawing inspiration from Ayurveda and biomechanics. She likes to approach functional anatomy holistically and explore body structures in a way that is tangible and easily applicable, to help create safe and sustainable practice.


Along with basic understanding of musculoskeletal system, this year’s anatomy module will offer introduction to

  • Spine and posture

  • Anatomy of breathing

  • Nervous system

  • Fascia

Laima has been practising yoga since 2004 and teaching since 2014, till now she has taken part in 3 yoga teacher trainings and 3 additional yoga anatomy and therapy courses.

You can find out more at

Stian Ingemann-Molden

Underviser i funktionel anatomi

Stian er uddannet fysioterapeut, og kombinerer sin anatomiske baggrundsviden med lang tids meditativ og asana praksis. Derudover elsker han at holde sig ajour med den nyeste forskning og research inden for begge områder. Siden 2016 har han undervist i yoga – bl.a. i YOGA HUSET Aalborg. På Power Vinyasa (Flow) uddannelsen 2019 underviser han primært i generelle lidelser, som vores elever typisk kommer til en yogalærer med. Fokus vil være på i hvilke tilfælde det er trygt for elevene at praktisere, og hvornår de bør søge sundhedsfaglig ekspertise. 

Derudover vil der undervises i hvilke udfordringer disse elever har på måtten, og hvordan vi kan tilrettelægge vores undervisning så de elever, som måske har mest brug for os, kan blive tilgodeset.


Samtidig ser vi også på, hvordan stillinger, flows og klasser kan tilpasses mulige anatomiske og diagnostiske udfordringer – bl.a. ved hjælp af props, assistering, cues m.m.

Målet med undervisningen er, at du vil blive mere tryg med at rådføre elever med medicinske lidelser på dine hold, og blandt andet derfor vil Stian hjælpe os med at få facts på banen og få aflivet branchemyter.


Vibeke Falden 

Underviser i stemmetræning 

Vibeke Falden er diplomuddannet rytmisk sanger og musikpædagog fra Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium i Aalborg. Hun har femten års erfaring som underviser, og er p.t. ansat i en halvtidsstilling som musiklærer på Aalborg Kulturskole.


Vibeke lægger i sin undervisning stor vægt på den grundlæggende teknik, fordi kontrol af vejtrækning og støtte er altafgørende for en have en sund og afbalanceret stemme. Hun har fokus på sine kursisters kropslige såvel som mentale forståelse af hvordan stemmen fungerer, men også blik og øre for at hver enkelt stemme er unik. At skabe en tryg og tillidsfuld undervisningssituation er helt afgørende for Vibeke, fordi hun har erfaret at arbejdet med stemmen er kraftfuldt, men også følsomt.  


Vibeke Falden er en alsidig udøvende kunstner. Hun er musikproducer, komponist og elektronisk musiker, og bruger i sit virke sin stemme til at skabe både melodisk materiale og lydflader. 


Vibeke Falden driver pladeselskabet wUNDERwELT Music, og arbejder p.t. sammen med yogi Maj Ingemann-Molden på at færdiggøre album-projektet “This Is Yoga Electronics”; elektronisk musik til yogabrug. 

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Gitte Lindgaard 

Teaches Restorative and therapeutic yoga

Themes that will be touched upon:

  • Basic modifications

  • Pathology

  • The psychological aspect of illness, injury and stress

  • When to clearly say YES and NO

  • What’s your exact role as a teacher?

  • How to work with the challenged/challenging student 

Gitte Lindgaard is a trained yoga therapist and has taught yoga for a living for more than 7 years. As an associate of various physical therapy centers she has helped thousands of referred patients through restorative and therapeutic yoga.

In yoga we often teach a set sequence of preset poses. In yoga therapy we teach smaller classes which caters to the special needs of the attendants. This means that the focus is not upon the poses themselves, but the individual bodies and availability. Students are not encouraged to find the poses via effort, strain and pressure, but rather to allow the pose to be modified so it fits their body and current ability. Practitioners are encouraged to avoid pushing their body through effort. As such they are allowed to benefit from the full effect of their yoga practice.

Through the restorative practice we attend to the nervous system. In short it’s a practice with a keen eye on wellbeing and stress reduction. An important aim is to direct the body into a state, where it is optimally receptive to recharge and rebuild itself.

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