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North Jutland’s largest selection of classes, teachers, and yoga styles.

The goal of yoga is to unite that, which often gets divided: body and mind, ourselves and other people, nature, and community.


Yoga has been my full-time career, the way to be in this word as well as an effective form of training for both body, mind, and soul since 2013.


In 2017 we got an opportunity to create a unique oasis, where yoga is reflected in every corner and every bit of the experience.


We belong under the roof of FOKUS Folkeoplysning, placed by Aalborg’s beautiful waterfront. Folkeoplysning is a Danish term, and it stands for learning, community, active and democratic enlightenment of people, which has always been the mission of yogic philosophy.

35+ classes a week – 25+ teachers – classes 7 days a week


You can choose whether you would like to drop in, buy a punch card or become a member.


On the ground floor you will find KaffeFair, where you can refuel before and after your workout.


Namaste, Maj and Team YHAA.

Basically, we can divide the team types as follows:


Also called classical yoga and the word has both the meaning of ''demanding physical expression'' as well as the fusion of sun/moon, night/day and yin/yang. The applicable principle is that work is done in depth with one position at a time and generally changes and guidance take place at a leisurely pace.

In addition to the classes called Hatha, we also find Yin yoga here, which primarily deals with sitting and lying positions that are held for a long time to stimulate e.g. fascia/connective tissue. Our Yin teams are available both tempered and with heat added as Hot Yin. In this category you will also find our ''Gentle Flow'' and ''Free Flow''.


Also called flow yoga, where dynamic movement is linked with breath and intention - often with a creative and playful approach. In these classes, you will experience greater variety, both in terms of playlists, position and order, than the typical Hatha classes. 

The category also contains the many Power yoga classes. ''Morning Flow'', ''Gentle Yoga and Mindfulness'', ''Hot Friday Release'' and ''Sunday Morning Flow''.


Such as Aerial yoga, where positions are performed in a hammock, Hot Yoga, where the teaching takes place in a heated room equipped with heating panels designed for yoga use, as well as Kundalini yoga, where work is done with mantra and Kriya (repetition of series of movement, shaking or free dance) . In the latter category you will find our ''Mantra Yoga'', ''Movement and Awareness'', ''Meditation and Relaxation'' and ''Mala Meditation''.

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