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North Jutland’s largest selection of classes, teachers, and yoga styles.

The goal of yoga is to unite that, which often gets divided: body and mind, ourselves and other people, nature, and community.


Yoga has been my full-time career, the way to be in this word as well as an effective form of training for both body, mind, and soul since 2013.


In 2017 we got an opportunity to create a unique oasis, where yoga is reflected in every corner and every bit of the experience.


We belong under the roof of FOKUS Folkeoplysning, placed by Aalborg’s beautiful waterfront. Folkeoplysning is a Danish term, and it stands for learning, community, active and democratic enlightenment of people, which has always been the mission of yogic philosophy.

35+ classes a week – 25+ teachers – classes 7 days a week


You can choose whether you would like to drop in, buy a punch card or become a member.


On the ground floor you will find KaffeFair, where you can refuel before and after your workout.


Namaste, Maj and Team YHAA.

Nordjyllands største og mest fleksible udvalg af yoga til alle - alle dage- året rundt

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