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Get off to a strong start

with our popular


- Yoga for Dummies

Many have an ambition to start yoga - but there can be lots of stumbling blocks on the way. Maybe you're dreading to be the only one in class, not able to reach your toes (you wont be), maybe you' don't wanna start all on your own and maybe you just don't know where or HOW to get started.

After numerous requests, we have created a course where you can get a safe introduction to the wonderful world of yoga in a spacious setting. A skilled and competent team of teachers guides you through the whole journey, so that you get a handle on the technique and the foundation.

We have put together a course where you study with a tightknit group, ehere everyone has the same onset:  with a desire to improve their mental and physical health and overall wellbeing. After each training session, you'll have the opportunity to receive tailored guidance from one of the skilled supervisors associated with the Intro course: Charlotte, Annette and Morten.


  • Access to weekly classes (minimum 12) in a closed forum, personal guidance and events

  • Welcome gift with exclusive 5-tour clip card for use in YOGA HUSET

  • Community feel and training partners

  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can share tips, recipes, inspiration and ask questions etc.

  • 10% in The Yoga Shop

  • Free registration if you subsequently join YOGA HUSET


  • Breathingtechniques and how they can help you – not only to obtain better and more efficient training, but also a long and healthy life

  • Posture Clinique: Which principles are important when we do the physical postures, how do you do them as best as possible, and how are the positions best adapted to the body, any defects and challenges you have with you

  • What is yoga, the philosophy behind the ancient holistic training

  • How to find the right fit for you in a yoga schedule, introduction to Hot yoga and Hammock Yoga and more

  • How to get the most out of your training, what gear, equipment and clothes should you invest in 

You get all this for only DKK 1,289

New dates 2024

31th December - 19th March

31 Dec. - April 1 SOLD OUT

11 April - 11 June SOLD OUT

22 August - 2 December


  • Saturdays 12:30-14:00 (Hot Yoga Basic/Aerial Hammock Yoga)

  • Tuesdays 16:30-18:00 (including individual guidance/program)

  • Thursdays 19:30-21:00 (including individual guidance/program)

All session are held at YOGA HUSET, Strandvejen 19. First time we meet for a tour of our fantastic facilities. Prior to course start, you will receive thorough guidance, information, wayfinding, parking possibilities (bicycles and car), dresscode etc. Various equipment can be borrowed at the address (including mats).


REGISTRATION: Intro Course (Yoga for Dummies) | FOCUS Public information (

NB! This process follows the Danish Health Authority's recommendations regarding strength training



  • For only DKK 25 a month your mat can stay with us



  • Handy tips & guidelines for yoga/hot yoga​​

"You really have to come next time to HOT yoga

- it is an experience of a lifetime!”

/Member YHAA

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