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20 hours

Aspirants on the yoga course
attend for free



​We repeat the success and again offer the opportunity to participate
on one of our 3 "Teacher Training Taster" weekends.

With our Yin modules, you have the opportunity to try out whether the yoga training is for you; and at the same time you get 20 hours of experience and immersion in the Yin energy, calmness and presence.

The lessons are always from 8-18, and to give a realistic experience of what this kind of intensity does to body and mind, we  created the opportunity for you to get a feel for what we offer and what is required.

The weekend is also for those who miss what they have previously experienced on yoga courses; and if you are already a yoga teacher, you have the option of taking the 20 hours as a supplement to your teaching.


• Anatomy, philosophy and theory of Yin yoga 

• Asana lab. with review of the most important key positions

• Mindfulness, meditation and Yin breathing exercises

• Self-development and personal growth in a nurturing community

• Opportunity to test whether the education and the teaching role are for you

In addition, there will of course be lots of delicious practical yoga classes!



FREE for those registered for the 2023 course

DKK 3,500; for general price

DKK 2,495 for UNLIMITED members of YOGAHUSET            


The price is deducted if you register for the course. Aspirants are free to choose between the three weekends; or participate in several if there is space.

Can be purchased separately as already existing trainers etc. - more info:

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