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Good advice and knowledge before you go out in a HOT Yoga hour


  • LIQUID IS IMPORTANT - Try to avoid dehydrating beverages and foods (salt, alcohol and caffeine) 24 hours before your HOT Yoga class and be sure to drink plenty of water before and after the class. It is also important to bring water to the training itself. Drink the water in small sips.

  • Do not apply strong perfumes or lotions just before a HOT yoga session - all senses are enhanced in the heat - also the smell.  Many have perfume allergies and would prefer that you smell of sweat.

  • It is best not to wear makeup.  If you do it will likely run during class.

  • Do not eat for a couple of hours before but be aware that you may need more food than you usually do during the day.

  • Bring a grip towel so you do not slip in sweat and you can use the towel to dry yourself and the floor. If you have not invested in a grip towel yet you can buy one at YOGA HUSET.  It is also possible to write to your yoga teacher and ask them to bring one to you before the class.

  • DO NOT bring your mobile phone - heat is not good for cell phones.  We offer lockers where it can be safely kept.

Helpful advice and information prior to attending Aerial Yoga classes.

Aerial Yoga is yoga performed in a hammock, which provides the opportunity to allow the body to be fully supported and thus gain deeper insight into the various poses.

By use of our own bodyweight and gravity we access the poses, turn upside down, elongate the spine, strengthen our balance and the muscles surrounding the abdominal area (especially the obliques). Fringe benefits and side effects are more courage and better concentration skills.

Our Intro classes are open to anyone, and we will start right from scratch learning the techniques.


  • WHAT TO WEAR: Our recommendation is for tight clothes that covers the knee area and armpits (to avoid discomfort from the fabric).

  • No jewellery or zippers allowed; this is to avoid damage to the Aerial fabric.

  • Our recommendation is to avoid eating 1,5-2 hours prior to attending a class.

  • Like in all of our other classes, participation is at your own risk, and special consideration is to be taken if you are suffering from Glaucoma, untreated high blood pressure and pregnancy.

  • Please show up 10 minutes prior to the beginning of the class as the hammock needs to be adjusted to your height exactly.

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