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“Yoga is a valuable tool for our players as a supplement to regular training. Football players are susceptible to both mental and physical stress and yoga gives the players an opportunity to de-stress and unwind.”

/Simon Enevoldsen, Physiotherapist for AaB

"I was very happy to come to yoga at YOGA HUSET and would definitely recommend it to everyone I know :)" 


/Anders Nørbach

“Such a beautiful space in Vestbyen”



"It takes something to speak, perform, make positions, see other people's positions and occupy the space. That of guiding and being present. It takes a lot to be a good yoga teacher…”


“I have to sadly leave my beautiful YOGA HUSET, as I am moving to Aarhus to study. I have, from the start, been crazy about practicing yoga with you. I will certainly miss you and the atmosphere in the house. So, thank you for the good energy you spread around”


/Former member of YOGA HUSET


''Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity to join the Yoga Huset kula. Teaching yoga doesn’t feel like a job at all, I look forward to it every week and it has really completed my life here in Denmark. I am incredibly grateful.”


/Linzi Page yoga teacher

“I would just like to say thank you for amazing experience in your beautiful Yoga Hus. Everybody in our club- both young, “old”, men, women, experienced and beginners got so much out of it and could feel that yoga is beneficial. Big praises to Franco. Greet him for all of us from the food club Team Hoff.”



“Aalborg’s finest pearl! Fantastic atmosphere and competent, attentive teachers ❤️ Thank you!”


/LouiseTak for jer!"

“My daughter and I had a wonderful time this weekend on Egholm retreat. The surroundings, food, massage and of course yoga/meditation with Ramona was fantastic. It was the first time I got acquainted with yoga and meditation and I had a great first experience.”



“Thank you so much for a wonderful class yesterday!

I felt like at home under your guidance and your mantra chanting at the end was so touching. Fortunately, I got to sweat so much that you couldn’t tell tears from sweat running down my cheeks.

It was the pace that suited me, challenging despite it being an intro class and yes, I loved everything about it. ❤️


I will get a membership and will be looking forward to the next time I can come to class.”


“The most delightful place to be. Thank you.”



"When I first joined Yoga Huset, I suffered from various different aches and pains in my body. I was stressed and working too much. Through the professional guidance and patience of the passionate and dedicated yoga teachers at Yoga Huset, I was able to get rid of my aches and pains and also correct, my posture as well as relieve stress. I am very grateful for the good work that they do. I would highly recommend Yoga Huset, two friends, family, and work colleagues. You are 100% in safe hands." 


/Nikki Kristoffersen

“You should certainly come to HOT yoga next time- it is an experience of a lifetime!”


/Randi Larsen

''I really love the yoga house! And am so tired of it not being in Aarhus. :(''


/Rikke B.K former member

“I’m overjoyed with my students’ excitement for yoga and overjoyed with my own excitement for it. Thank you.”


/Susanne Duus

"I've looked with light and flashlight, and nothing reaches the YOGA HOUSE for the sock holders, I think." 


“You can bet that I also miss YOGA HUSET! And I still haven’t found such competent teachers here in Copenhagen!”


/Maalia, former member

“It has been a pleasure to try so many different yoga styles, each one of them offering something different. It was wonderful to go to YOGA HUSET and I am working on coming back again, once I settle into my everyday life again.”



“Finally, there is a yoga house in Aalborg. It has been missing! Moreover, it is in the most beautiful, new and cozy surroundings. There are many different classes to choose from every day and you can also drop-in the way it suits your mood and calendar on the day. Wonderful! Competent and kind instructors and teachers. There are also exciting workshops, free for members.”


/Rikke Sørensen

''The warmest place in town! Both because of the HOT yoga classes but most importantly because of the nice yoga teachers and fellow yogis.''



” World class Yoga with competent and creative instructors.”



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