You pay a set price every month and get access to your chosen number of classes. Following this you are free to sign up to whichever classes that may suit in that particular month. ​​

1. Only members on UNLIMITED are able to book more than 2 classes a week.

2. You can deregister from any normal class until 2 hours prior to the event – after this sign-up is binding. If you are booked in for a class you do not show up for, the spot you are occupying costs 35 kr. If you sign-off after the 2 hour window there is no fine, but you will have lost your booking.

3. Registration for classes happens through our webpage or app, and registration over the phone etc. is not possible. Likewise, it is not possible to “accumulate classes” – meaning that if you can’t go one week it does not equate that you can go 4 times the next.

4. An UNLIMITED membership gives unlimited access to all classes every month for a set reoccurring monthly price.

5. It is possible to pause your membership with YOGA HUSET at any given time; either done at home or through info@yogahusetaalborg.dk Please make sure to let us know the beginning-and end date of the stand-by period, and kindly note memberships cannot be cancelled in the dormant period. Once the stand-by period has ended your membership will automatically start up again, and it is the responsibility of the member to unregister from any pre-booked classes and let us know if anything has changed for you.. The maximum stand-by period is 4 months, and you pay a fee og kr;99. It is also possible at any given time to cancel your membership in line with out terms and conditions (the end of the month + 1 final month). This has to happen in writing to info@yogahusetaalborg, and we greatly appreciate if you let us know the reason behind your decision. If you choose the stand-by option, you wont have to pay the administrative fee again, as you would if you cancel and then re-commence your membership. 

6. All our classes start and finish at their indicated times, and unless you have a special arrangement with your teacher, the door is closed when class starts and does not open again till the class is over. If you are late, we kindly ask you to consider the other yogis in class and hold off with your entrance till there is a natural segway without disturbing too much. Our recommendation is for you to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to class beginning. We cannot guarantee you will be ticked off the registration list if you are late; and so you may accrue a fine.

7. Personal items, cell phones, clothes and bags are not meant to be brought to the yoga studios. For that very purpose YOGA HUSET offers lockers at your disposal. YOGA HUSET cannot be held responsible for any lost or damaged items.

8. Participation in yoga classes are at your own risk, so remember to inform your teacher prior to the beginning of class if there are special considerations, health concerns, injuries, pregnancy etc. 

9. Class registration is only possible 2 weeks ahead of schedule – this goes for all membership types.

YOGA HUSET Aalborg - Strandvejen 19, 9000 Aalborg - info@yogahusetaalborg.dk - ©2017 FOKUS Folkeoplysning

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