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Information meeting

Friday 18 May at 15:00-16:00

Come and hear more about the yoga training, meet some of the key teachers and learn from the experiences of past students. Take your questions and your curiosity with you when YOGA HUSET offers an information meeting and subsequent yoga class with Maj at 16:00, for those who have not yet tried HOT Power yoga.


If you want to participate in the following yoga class, we offer this day
a special price of only DKK 75 for Drop-In.

There will be an opportunity to talk further in our lounge area for those who do not want yoga.


Register for the information meeting: send an email to

The information meeting takes place in YOGA HUSET - Strandvejen 19 1st floor, 9000 Aalborg.


"The education has given me friendships for life, an exciting future

and a huge self-awareness.” / Maiken Schou

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